SEN Childcare in Birmingham

As one of Birmingham's most reputable centres for Special Educational Needs (SEN) childcare, SENtre proudly combines unwavering commitment, expertise and compassion into child-focused learning and play strategies. Catering specifically to the varied needs of children with autism and other SEN needs, our approach takes the broad spectrum of autism into account and tailors care to suit each child's abilities and characteristics.

SENtre provides more than just a safe and secure environment, it's a haven where children can explore their potential, develop their skills and truly thrive. Our team of dedicated professionals are thoroughly trained and deeply passionate about supporting each child on their journey, employing a broad range of techniques, activities and methods to ensure their time at SENtre is both beneficial and enjoyable.

We understand the importance of structure and routine in the lives of children with autism, which is why our childcare is thoughtfully planned to incorporate a balance of activities that stimulate, educate and engage. From sensory play sessions designed to promote cognitive development and creativity, to ‘Stay and Play’ activities that encourage social interaction and bonding with parents and carers, our programmes are carefully curated to foster growth and development.

At SENtre, we appreciate that every child is unique, each with their own interests, strengths and challenges. Our role as a leading autism daycare in the West Midlands is to celebrate these differences, nurturing every child's individuality in an environment that promotes inclusivity, respect and mutual understanding. Our SEN childcare services are a testament to this ethos, providing expert care that enhances the lives of the children we serve.

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Types of SEN Childcare Provided in Birmingham

As a well-loved and highly regarded Birmingham autism centre, we offer a wide variety of comprehensive childcare services to meet the diverse needs of children with SEN and autism in the local area. We're proud to provide an environment where children can engage in a blend of exciting and educational activities, all while under the compassionate supervision of trained professionals. Our unique services range from interactive play sessions and ‘Stay and Play’ activities that encourage parents and carers to spend time with their little ones at our centre, to inclusive holiday clubs that cater to the unique needs of each child in our care.

SEN Play Sessions

Our SEN Play Sessions are a cornerstone of our childcare services, specifically designed to foster creativity, stimulate sensory interaction and enhance fine motor skills. These sessions provide children with a space to explore and understand their environment, using play as a tool for growth and learning. Whether it's crafting with sand and water, engaging with sensory toys or other interactive activities, we ensure these sessions are fun, purposeful and tailored to individual needs. Click the button to learn more.

Stay and Play

Stay and Play activities at SENtre provide an opportunity for children and their caregivers to engage in shared play experiences. This service promotes social bonding, fosters a sense of routine and allows children to familiarise themselves with our environment, all while their caregivers remain present. Activities are designed to be both engaging and educational, helping to develop social skills, promote emotional wellbeing and boost self-confidence. We have a whole page dedicated to our Stay and Play activities, click below to read more.

Holiday Club

Our Holiday Club offers an inclusive, fun-filled programme of activities for SEN and autistic kids during school holidays, providing a much-needed service for hard-working parents and carers. As one of the most sought-after autism clubs in Birmingham, our Holiday Club is designed to foster social interaction, promote physical activity and encourage creativity. Children enjoy a diverse range of activities including arts and crafts, outdoor play and much more, all within a safe and supportive environment. Our Holiday Club provides a consistent, familiar setting, promoting a sense of routine and comfort for our children.

SEN School Support in Birmingham

Our SEN School Support in Birmingham offers a safe, supportive and enriching environment for children awaiting the right school placement or needing a bit of extra help to improve their behaviour before entering a school environment. Our goal is to bridge the gap during these transition periods, collaborating closely with schools on individual education plans. Our carefully crafted sessions focus on helping children learn to self-regulate, comply with instructions and communicate more effectively.

The strength of our approach lies in its fun, engaging nature. We believe that learning should be interactive and tailored to each child's needs, which is why we make our sessions as play-based as possible. This method not only helps to improve your child's mental health and welfare but also positively impacts their overall quality of life.

We understand the financial strains that can come with seeking extra help, which is why it's important to note that various government funding options are available to aid with the cost of our School Support service. There are resources in place to ensure every child has access to the support they need. Contact us to discuss these options further.

Through our School Support service, we aim to reduce the emotional distress often associated with transitions and improve the academic journey of each child we work with.

ABA Therapy Childcare and Learning

We believe that every child deserves the chance to learn.

SEN Services Provided in Birmingham

SENtre in Birmingham offers a comprehensive array of additional tailored services to assist children with special educational needs. Ranging from ABA therapy to home-based consultations, these services are designed to complement and enhance the capabilities of your child, targeting their unique developmental requirements. Our primary goal is to better their overall quality of life while offering valuable support and guidance to their parents, carers and families.

We strive to be the leading autism centre in the West Midlands by ensuring that each service we offer contributes to every child's individual growth, development and integration into the community. Our specialists work closely with parents, carers and professionals, adhering to a multi-disciplinary approach that champions collaboration, communication and progress assessment.

SENtre Therapies

We recognise that each child has distinct needs that require individualised attention. That's why we have developed a suite of therapies aimed at addressing and overcoming different challenges that children with autism and other special educational needs face daily. Central to our therapeutic approach is Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy, a clinically approved technique that guides us in managing behavioural challenges while promoting meaningful, positive changes.

ABA therapy is not just about curbing or redirecting challenging behaviours – it also encourages and nurtures the vital skills necessary for social integration and independence. At SENtre, our therapies aim to make each child's journey enjoyable, fulfilling and, above all, empowering.


ABA Therapy

Our ABA therapy service uses scientifically validated principles of learning and behaviour to create personalised programmes. These programmes aim to increase beneficial behaviours, decrease those that may be harmful or distracting and improve a wide spectrum of social, communication and learning skills. With our team of experienced therapists, we provide a supportive and stimulating environment that enhances cognitive development and boosts self-confidence.

Through our ABA therapy, we address the unique learning requirements of each child, working on areas such as language development, social skills, self-care routines and academic progression. We aim to ensure they reach their maximum potential, making us a trusted name among autism clubs in Birmingham.

Parent Training

At SENtre, we understand that the family environment plays a critical role in a child's development. Hence, we provide specialised training for parents and carers to equip them with practical strategies for managing behavioural challenges and promoting positive changes at home. This training is crucial in establishing a harmonious and productive atmosphere, ultimately contributing to the child's emotional wellbeing and development.

These sessions aren't merely instructive—they are also supportive. We foster an open dialogue, allowing parents to share their concerns, ask questions and learn from each other's experiences. At SENtre, you're not just a parent, you're a vital partner in your child's growth and progress.

SENtre Home


Understanding that the home is a crucial setting for a child's growth, we offer services designed to integrate seamlessly into your home environment. Our home-based offerings include the deployment of our trusted ABA tutors and consultancy services, meticulously designed to deliver personalised support that aligns with your child's individual needs and daily routine.

Through our home-based services, we hope to create an environment where your child feels most comfortable, using familiar surroundings to stimulate learning and minimise potential stress or anxiety. By working with families, we ensure that our home services not only meet but exceed your expectations.


ABA Tutors

Our dedicated ABA tutors work within your home, providing personalised, one-to-one tutoring sessions anchored in the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis. With this approach, your child can learn and grow at their own pace in a familiar environment. This helps to build self-confidence, foster positive behavioural change and promote independent living skills.

Each session is carefully designed to fit into your daily routine, making learning a natural part of your child's day. Our tutors work hand-in-hand with families, ensuring that progress made during tutoring sessions continues even after they leave.


Our consultancy service offers families customised guidance and support, tackling specific challenges and facilitating your child's development journey. Using our expertise in ABA therapy and various SEN strategies, our consultants provide insights, recommendations and solutions uniquely tailored to your child's needs.

From helping parents and carers navigate the complexities of special needs education to providing practical strategies for managing challenging behaviours at home, our consultancy services are flexible and comprehensive. Our goal is to make the journey smoother for you and your child, supporting you every step of the way.

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SENtre Online


In today's digital age, we understand the importance of accessibility and flexibility. That's why we've extended our services to the digital sphere with SENtre Online. This platform allows us to bring our ABA therapy and other services directly to you, wherever you are. With SENtre Online, professional support for children with special educational needs is just a click away, furthering our mission to improve lives and spread awareness about autism and other special needs.

SENtre Online aims to bridge the gap between our centre and your home, making it easier for you to access our resources and services. Now, you can benefit from our services without the need for travel, making SENtre a truly inclusive and accessible autism centre in the West Midlands.

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    My son has been going to the SENTRE for 3 months now and I can honestly say I’ve seen an improvement in his interaction and learning new skills. Charnel and her team of tutors are very caring and passionate about their work and this is reflected in the progress he has made.

    S Mahmood

    It was a pleasure for my son and I to visit the facility. I like the idea of having different zones with a range of activities. My son is very sensory but doesn’t like getting messy but that was no problem, he still had a wealth of resources he could use. It’s clear that a…

    Deeny H

    Myself and children have visited the centre numerous times. The children have really enjoyed engaging in all activities and sensory play available. The open space allows for them to play freely. The staff are friendly and most importantly patient & attentive. A great safe space for your little ones.

    R Gilbert

    Need more places like this! The centre is Unique with the main focus for Children with SEN needs. Colourful and well equipped. My Son always comes back smiling 😃 Charnel gos above & beyond to meet the needs of the Children and is truly Amazing! Would highly recommend for Childcare or Aba therapy.

    N Bibi

    My 5 year old daughter had an amazing time at SENtre last week. She was able spend the morning with fun filled activities while being looked after by the Team. Charnel and her staff are passionate about children and it shows. Thanks guys we will definitely be back

    L Elliot

    SENtre is definitely what our community needed and is definitely one of its kind. We have attended on quite a few occasions and my children have loved every visit! Would 100% recommend!


    Excellent provision, kids really enjoyed themselves. The venue is beautiful, safe and very well equipped. The CEO Charnel Conway is pretty amazing, so good with the kids. A special place for our special needs kids… Definitely recommend…

    S Syed

    Extremely welcoming centre. Lots of enjoyable things for children. Safe environment. Very caring and professional owner

    A E

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