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Autism is a unique and diverse neurological condition that can bring many positive qualities and strengths to those who have it. While it is often characterised by difficulties with social communication and interaction, sensory processing, and repetitive behaviours or routines, Autism also brings many strengths and talents that should be celebrated and appreciated.

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Autism and its strengths

One of the most notable strengths of autism is the ability to focus intensely on specific interests or topics. This intense focus can lead to remarkable knowledge and expertise in certain areas, and autistic individuals have made significant contributions to fields such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Their attention to detail and ability to see patterns and connections that others may miss can lead to ground-breaking discoveries and innovations. Autistic individuals often have unique perspectives and ways of thinking, which can bring fresh insights and creative solutions to a variety of problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does SENtre do, exactly?

We provide autism behavioural therapy to children with additional needs to help them learn new skills that they can use in their everyday life. We can help them speak, get dressed, try new foods, do their schoolwork, use the toilet, and more. These are all things that sometimes struggle with and need a little extra help with.

Does the SENtre hub provide food?

We do not provide any food to the children as many have allergies or may be particular about eating. Parents/carers must provide snacks, lunch, and drinks, bearing in mind that we do not allow fizzy drinks at SENtre. We may provide your child with water if they have run out.

Challenging behaviour

If your child has specific behaviour challenges, they must be disclosed to us before they attend. We must know their triggers, and how you try to reduce them at home and in school. We will then use this information and modify our environment and communication to benefit your child. If your child is having Autism behavioural therapy, we’ll incorporate this into their targets. If your child requires 1:1 supervision due to their additional needs, there may be an additional cost for this to reflect the cost of the team member, which we’ll discuss with you.

Protection of staff

If you’re not having therapy and your child bites, spits at, or physically abuses SENtre staff consistently you may be asked to collect them early. We will offer parents strategies which we can work on as a behaviour program to reduce the behaviours. Children will not be able to attend play sessions or holiday club until this has been completed and reduces the behaviours. We will slowly reintegrate them into larger groups of children.

How do I know my child will be safe?

The SENtre building is safe and secure, so your child will be unable to run off if they become distressed. We have an area suitable to help them self-regulate, and trained staff to support them. We’re Ofsted registered so you can be assured of high-quality care. The team are first aid trained so will be able to help in the event of any medical incident. Risk assessments are carried out individually to ensure your child is safe.

How much does it cost?

SENtre offers a variety of services at different price points. We try to make our services affordable because it’s our mission to give support to the people who need it the most. We also accept childcare vouchers. To find out exact costs, please see the specific service page, or contact us.

What can you teach my child?

Every child we support has different needs, but things we can help with include: toilet training, speaking and communication, trying new foods, interaction with their peers, and how to enjoy learning new things and trying activities.

What kind of needs can you support?

SENtre can support children with more or fewer needs. Some of our children are non-speaking, and some need support with personal skills. Some have Autism, some have ADHD. Some have global developmental delays, and some have Down’s Syndrome. We can help your child if they have PDA or other social, communication, and behavioural challenges. Our therapy sessions are helpful for children with more needs, and our play sessions are open to everyone.

What qualifications do the staff have?

Our team of experts have over 30 years of experience in care and education for children with autism spectrum conditions. The centre is Ofsted registered, meaning we maintain standards at all times and are audited. The staff are trained various skills. Some are trained in in Makaton, a language programme that helps support visual communication. Some are Team Teach trained to enable them to manage conflict or distressed behaviour. There’ a First Aider on site to look after your child in case of accident or injury. Some staff members are also trained inn TalkTools, which helps children with speech, oral placement and feeding difficulties to develop oral motor skills. Your child is in safe hands, within a safe building, and we’re happy to show you around (after hours or online) to meet the staff for yourself.

How does SENtre communicate with parents?

We think it’s important to have open lines of communication about your child. We’ll contact you by email, phone, and also via phone notes if your child attends SENtre. We host parent workshops which are like practical parents’ evenings, so you can learn new skills and support your relationship with your child.

What qualifications and training do SENtre staff have?

Team members are selected because of their love of working with children, and their enthusiasm for offering support to families. They will be working towards or have achieved their RBT qualification to become behavioural therapists. They’ve competed safeguarding training and all staff will have a mixture of Talk Tools training, first aid, food hygiene, Team Teach and Makaton training. If you have any specific questions about this please let us know.

Why do you do this?

Quite simply, because we care. Everyone deserves to have positive opportunities to learn, and SEN parents deserved to feel empowered and supported. We adore quirky kids, and we know we can help them!

Our children Case Studies

Every child’s journey at SENtre is unique, so we’re sharing case studies of children we have helped in the past and the difference that our experts made in their lives.

girl silhouette

Girl “M”

We had twins join us in 2021. They were always on the go and very rarely interacted with each other….

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boys silhouette

Boy “J” Case Study

We had a little boy joined us in January 2022. He had extreme separation anxiety and really struggled if he…

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Autism awareness

In addition, autistic individuals may have a heightened sensitivity to their environment, which can lead to a deeper appreciation of nature, music, art, and other sensory experiences. This sensitivity can also lead to a strong sense of empathy and an ability to connect deeply with others on an emotional level. Autism is a part of who an individual is, and while it may bring challenges, it also brings strengths and qualities that should be celebrated. By embracing these strengths, we can create a more accepting world for all individuals, regardless of their neurological differences.

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We believe that every child deserves the chance to learn.

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    My son has been going to the SENTRE for 3 months now and I can honestly say I’ve seen an improvement in his interaction and learning new skills. Charnel and her team of tutors are very caring and passionate about their work and this is reflected in the progress he has made.

    S Mahmood

    It was a pleasure for my son and I to visit the facility. I like the idea of having different zones with a range of activities. My son is very sensory but doesn’t like getting messy but that was no problem, he still had a wealth of resources he could use. It’s clear that a…

    Deeny H

    Myself and children have visited the centre numerous times. The children have really enjoyed engaging in all activities and sensory play available. The open space allows for them to play freely. The staff are friendly and most importantly patient & attentive. A great safe space for your little ones.

    R Gilbert

    Need more places like this! The centre is Unique with the main focus for Children with SEN needs. Colourful and well equipped. My Son always comes back smiling 😃 Charnel gos above & beyond to meet the needs of the Children and is truly Amazing! Would highly recommend for Childcare or Aba therapy.

    N Bibi

    My 5 year old daughter had an amazing time at SENtre last week. She was able spend the morning with fun filled activities while being looked after by the Team. Charnel and her staff are passionate about children and it shows. Thanks guys we will definitely be back

    L Elliot

    SENtre is definitely what our community needed and is definitely one of its kind. We have attended on quite a few occasions and my children have loved every visit! Would 100% recommend!


    Excellent provision, kids really enjoyed themselves. The venue is beautiful, safe and very well equipped. The CEO Charnel Conway is pretty amazing, so good with the kids. A special place for our special needs kids… Definitely recommend…

    S Syed

    Extremely welcoming centre. Lots of enjoyable things for children. Safe environment. Very caring and professional owner

    A E

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