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Welcome to SENtre – the specialist SEN childcare centre at the heart of the UK. We’re here to provide specialist SEN childcare and support for children. Our team of experts have over 30 years of experience in care and education for children with autism spectrum conditions. Our activities are always focused on creating a safe, understanding, and nurturing environment for your child.

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Who are we?

At SENtre, we provide bespoke support for children with additional needs. We work with your child in a play therapy style to enhance their language, cognition, academics, social skills, and play skills. We have a fantastic hub in Birmingham with large rooms, a soft play area, and outdoor space, all packed with ways to stimulate your child.

Services are available for children aged 2-11yrs old and can help those who need additional support in communication, independence, social skills, speech and language, and challenging behaviours. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Other Services we offer

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    SENtre Therapies

    We provide behavioural therapy to children with additional needs to help them learn new skills.

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    SENtre Home

    SENtre provides tailored programs, support, and guidance to you, the parents, within your home.

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    SENtre Activities

    We have a specialist hub in Birmingham with large rooms, soft play, and outdoor space. 

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    SENtre Online

    Learn with the help of pictures and videos, and live online sessions with our support team.

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Find Us!

We are located in 65 Rotton Park Road Edgbaston B16 0SG. We also have a range of online services and home services.

Meet the team

Our wonderful team are passionate about helping children and young people reach their full potential, so you can have complete confidence in the care and support we provide.

Our team is made up of caring and experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping children with autism. Each one has received the appropriate training and has the type of personality that loves working with children to help them reach their potential. When a child reaches a milestone or learns something new, we celebrate almost as much as the parents!

We understand that each child is unique, and they’ll all have different needs, and we enjoy working with them to help them reach their goals.

Charnel Conway - lead autism expert

Charnel Conway

As the lead autism expert at SENtre with over 12 years of experience, I’m passionate about helping autistic children aged 2-10 improve communication, behavior, and more. I manage a recruitment service for home services and an online platform, positively impacting thousands globally. I design learning programs, train staff, and utilize therapies like Makaton and behavior training. At SENtre, we offer a nurturing hub for children’s development while providing parents a much-needed break.

Alesha Senior member of staff at SENtre


Alesha Is one of our senior members of staff. With a vast amount of experience in our therapy and holiday childcare, she enjoys playing energy games with the children that involve singing and physical play. She has experience working in schools and in homes. She is also talk tools and team teach trained.

Aneesa - Team member at SENtre


Aneesa is super organised and is always happy to ensure we stay on track with our daily routine. She is ready to play with the children and adapts to the needs of each child. She is great for the children who may need help with toileting and eating.

Tinika - Team member at SENtre


Tinika has been with us for a number of years. her background in performing arts give her that creative edge to always find somethings fun to do with the children. She holds qualifications for food and hygiene and team teach. She is always ready to have fun with the children.

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Current Vacancies


Working with twins who are full of beans! Helping them with communication skills and daily routine.

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Stechford, 2 – 4 hours a week

Working with a little girl who loves to read. You will be enhancing her language and academic skills

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Hall green, 4 hours a week

Working with a 4-year-old boy on his language, play skills and developmental skills. He loves the alphabet and numbers and is amazed by the days of the week.

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Dudley, 2 hours a week at the weekend

working with a 5-year-old boy with his academics. He loves hey Douggie and enjoys running around

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Quinton, 10 – 15 hours, Monday – Wednesday

working with an amazing 9-year-old boy. He will be working on developmental skills, communication and also self-regulation. The person who works for him need to be full of energy and ready to play. Pay starts at £13 per hour depending on experience. Those with more experience will have a higher rate.

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