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Empowering Parents of Children with Autism Through Online Support

Raising a child with autism can be both a challenging and incredibly rewarding experience. At SENtre, we recognise that each child's path is distinct, brimming with personal potential and individual milestones. Our mission is to nationalise help for autistic children in the UK, providing empowering, accessible online resources no matter where you are in the country.

SENtre Online is an expert source of practical strategies, created with the heartfelt understanding that knowledge is not just power – it's compassion, patience and the key to unlocking your child’s world. Join SENtre Online and experience our dedication to making every step in your child's developmental journey an enlightened one, helping recognise the extraordinary in every day.

parent and child on laptop
parent and child on a laptop

Fun and Interactive Learning

Discover our unique approach to helping parents with autistic children in the UK through SENtre Online. Dive into the principles and practices of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) through engaging, interactive learning methods tailored for families navigating autism.

Our platform transforms theory into practice, letting parents not just read but actively engage with course materials through vivid imagery, videos and real-life scenarios. Embark on this journey with our autism parent training program online, offering an array of free training courses designed to enrich your toolkit with effective, evidence-based strategies for nurturing your child's growth.

Helping children at SENtre

Free Online Training Courses 

SENtre Online provides bite-sized autism training courses for parents, designed to be worked through at your own pace. We offer realistic solutions and activities you can incorporate into daily routines, along with clear, understandable explanations of how your child's development works. Our courses cover essential developmental stages, including communication, toilet training for your autistic child, reducing challenging behaviours, increasing focus and teaching academics. Learn through written information, real-life videos and video tutorials, making the journey accessible and empowering for parents and carers seeking help for autistic children in the UK. See below for further details on our individual course topics.


Unlocking the potential of communication is crucial for children with autism. SENtre's courses directly address this, providing parents with targeted techniques to stimulate language development. We delve into practical strategies for enhancing non-verbal cues, initiating conversation and improving verbal responses, ensuring your child can express their needs and emotions more effectively. Our evidence-based approaches empower parents to create a supportive environment that fosters both understanding and meaningful interaction, essential for a child's confidence and social development.

Family therapy at SENtre


Managing challenging behaviours is a common concern for parents of children with autism. SENtre's online courses offer comprehensive guidance on understanding the 'why' behind these behaviours. Our modules are designed to help parents and carers interpret signs, establish routines and employ positive reinforcement strategies, significantly reducing stress for the entire family. By focusing on individual triggers and responses, our courses equip parents with the tools for successful behavioural management, ensuring a calmer, more structured environment conducive to your child's well-being and development.

Toilet Training

Toilet training an autistic child can present unique challenges, but with the right strategies, it's more than achievable. SENtre's courses provide specific guidance on toilet training older children with autism, addressing common hurdles with patience and expertise. Our step-by-step modules help parents and carers establish toilet routines, recognise readiness cues and handle setbacks positively. With our help, toilet training becomes much less stressful, promoting confidence and independence in your child. Explore these invaluable strategies and more with our autism parent training programme online.

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Motivation and Rewards

Understanding and harnessing your child's motivation can revolutionise their learning journey. At SENtre, our courses delve into the heart of what drives children with autism, employing positive reinforcement techniques that celebrate every success, no matter how small. We coach parents on how to identify their child's unique motivators, be they a favourite activity, toy or food, and effectively use them to encourage behavioural changes or skill acquisition. Our strategies not only enhance learning but also foster a joyful, rewarding environment at home. Discover more about tapping into your child’s potential through our autism training courses for parents.

Teaching Academics

Every child has the potential to thrive academically. SENtre’s dedicated modules focus on breaking down academic lessons into manageable segments, making learning more accessible and less overwhelming. We cover a range of strategies, from establishing a structured learning environment to using visual aids, all aimed at enhancing concentration and comprehension. Our approach isn't just about traditional education, it's about equipping your child with the skills necessary for lifelong learning. Engage with our autism training courses for parents to transform challenges into milestones in your child’s educational journey.

Speech Therapy

Effective communication is often a challenge for children with autism, but it's a hurdle that can be overcome with targeted speech therapy. SENtre's online courses introduce parents and carers to speech-enhancing techniques, from non-verbal communication aids to verbal exercises, fostering clearer expression for your child. We believe in creating a world where every child, verbal or non-verbal, can communicate their needs, desires and emotions. Unlock this world for your child with SENtre’s parental help for autistic children in the UK.

Increasing Focus

Maintaining attention can be a complex task for children with autism. SENtre's courses are designed to assist parents and carers in understanding and enhancing their child's focus. Through structured activities and proven concentration strategies, we guide you in creating an environment that minimises distractions and maximises engagement. Our approach isn't just about immediate results, it's about nurturing a sustained ability to focus, crucial for learning and development. Our techniques offer help for autistic children in the UK by fostering attention and curbing impulsivity.

ABA Tutors at SENtre with child

ABA Therapy

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a key foundation in autism training courses for parents and carers. SENtre's online platform demystifies ABA, offering comprehensive insights into how positive reinforcement can help children gain skills. From understanding the basics to implementing advanced techniques, our ABA therapy guidance empowers parents and carers to apply these strategies in everyday scenarios. By fostering an environment of positive learning and adaptation, ABA becomes a transformative tool in your child's developmental journey. Our SENtre Home service offers ABA tutors for one-on-one therapy sessions in your own home.

Therapeutic Activities

Therapeutic activities, especially those focused on sensory enhancement, are vital in supporting children with autism. SENtre's courses delve into activities that stimulate the senses, helping manage sensitivities and enhancing perception. These guided interactions aid in regulating emotions and behaviours, crucial for children facing sensory processing challenges. Our suggestions are not just theoretical, we provide practical setups for sensory-friendly spaces at home, ensuring comfort and safety. Engage with SENtre's therapeutic strategies to provide a balanced sensory environment.

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Parental Guidance 

Navigating the complexities of raising a child with autism requires informed, continuous guidance. SENtre recognises this, offering autism parent training programs online that equip parents and carers with nuanced understanding and practical skills. Our focus extends beyond immediate solutions, encouraging long-term, sustainable approaches that foster resilience and empathy. From managing daily routines to addressing behavioural challenges, our guidance is your constant companion. Beyond courses, SENtre facilitates an enduring support network, reaffirming that you're not alone in this journey.

Community Engagement

At SENtre, we believe in the power of community. Engaging with others who understand your journey is invaluable, which is why we promote strong community ties through our platform. We provide avenues for parents and carers to connect, share experiences and learn from each other in a supportive online environment. This community engagement is a form of collective empowerment, an emotional buffer and a shared space for feeling more supported by becoming part of something bigger. Join a network of support, understanding and shared wisdom with SENtre.

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Funding Available

We know how difficult it can be to work and also provide childcare for your child. If you send your child to our SENtre you may be entitled to funding for your child’s space. As we are Ofsted registered, we have some solutions for you. If you are entitled to child tax-credits, you may be able to gain a 20% contribution towards your fees. You can read more about this here

If you are a parent or guardian who is currently studding, you can also gain up to £9,000 a year in a childcare grant. You can find more about this below

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    My son has been going to the SENTRE for 3 months now and I can honestly say I’ve seen an improvement in his interaction and learning new skills. Charnel and her team of tutors are very caring and passionate about their work and this is reflected in the progress he has made.

    S Mahmood

    It was a pleasure for my son and I to visit the facility. I like the idea of having different zones with a range of activities. My son is very sensory but doesn’t like getting messy but that was no problem, he still had a wealth of resources he could use. It’s clear that a…

    Deeny H

    Myself and children have visited the centre numerous times. The children have really enjoyed engaging in all activities and sensory play available. The open space allows for them to play freely. The staff are friendly and most importantly patient & attentive. A great safe space for your little ones.

    R Gilbert

    Need more places like this! The centre is Unique with the main focus for Children with SEN needs. Colourful and well equipped. My Son always comes back smiling 😃 Charnel gos above & beyond to meet the needs of the Children and is truly Amazing! Would highly recommend for Childcare or Aba therapy.

    N Bibi

    My 5 year old daughter had an amazing time at SENtre last week. She was able spend the morning with fun filled activities while being looked after by the Team. Charnel and her staff are passionate about children and it shows. Thanks guys we will definitely be back

    L Elliot

    SENtre is definitely what our community needed and is definitely one of its kind. We have attended on quite a few occasions and my children have loved every visit! Would 100% recommend!


    Excellent provision, kids really enjoyed themselves. The venue is beautiful, safe and very well equipped. The CEO Charnel Conway is pretty amazing, so good with the kids. A special place for our special needs kids… Definitely recommend…

    S Syed

    Extremely welcoming centre. Lots of enjoyable things for children. Safe environment. Very caring and professional owner

    A E

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