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Navigating the world of therapies available for children with autism and other special educational needs can be overwhelming. SENtre is at your side to guide you through one proven approach: Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy. ABA therapy is a science-backed method of one-to-one therapy that focuses on improving behaviours essential for your child's growth, development and active participation in various social settings.

We recommend ABA therapy as it allows us to create personalised, effective programmes for each child, employing small, manageable goals to achieve substantial progress. We consider ourselves more than a therapy provider, we are partners in your child’s journey, committed to fostering their skills and enriching their lives. Whether you're new to ABA therapy or looking for a provider that always prioritises your child's unique needs, SENtre is dedicated to offering supportive, engaging and effective therapies.

This page is a comprehensive guide to our ABA services - what we do, how we do it, and why ABA therapy at SENtre could be the transformative experience you've been seeking for your child. Read on to learn more about our approach, our experienced ABA tutors, the benefits of ABA therapy and how to start your journey with SENtre.

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What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy is a scientifically validated approach to understanding the behaviours of your child and how they may be affected by their environment. It is particularly effective for individuals with autism and other special educational needs and has been used, refined and improved upon since the 1960s.

In essence, ABA therapy focuses on improving specific behaviours, such as social skills, communication, reading and academics, as well as adaptive learning skills, such as fine motor dexterity, hygiene such as toilet training and self-grooming. ABA therapy is a highly individualised type of therapy where there are no “one size fits all” solutions, and at SENtre we make it our complete priority to tailor our ABA therapy services to the exact needs of each child.

The bespoke nature of ABA therapy is underpinned by meticulous observation, data collection and analysis to inform the development of our tailored strategies, the base of which is aimed at fostering useful behaviours and mitigating harmful ones. At SENtre, we integrate the principles of ABA therapy into our personalised treatment plans. With a focus on 'learning through play', we aim to provide a supportive and nurturing environment in which children can grow and develop important life skills.

Important Considerations Before Choosing ABA Therapy for Your Child

Selecting the right ABA therapy provider for your child is a crucial choice that can greatly impact their development and wellbeing. We fully understand the enormity of the decision and have put together this short list of key factors to consider, ensuring you're fully appraised to make the best judgement for your child.

Credentials and Experience: Ensure your chosen ABA service provider is fully and properly certified and experienced. Check for qualifications such as Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) accreditation and a history of working with children similar to yours.

Customised Plans: ABA therapy should always be tailored to meet your child’s unique needs. Check if your chosen provider offers customised plans that cater specifically to your child's strengths and areas of development, and for their experience in these areas.

Ongoing Evaluation: Regular evaluation is essential for measuring progress and making necessary adjustments to the therapy plan. Talk with your therapy provider regularly to ensure this is being monitored and adjusted where necessary.

Parent and Carer Involvement: A good ABA therapy provider should encourage active involvement from the parents and carers of each child. Parent and carer presence at the ABA training sessions helps in reinforcing newly learned behaviours at home.

Comprehensive Services: Check if the provider offers a range of services including in-home therapy, school support and social skills groups. The more of these areas that are covered, the wider your options will be for ensuring your child gets the therapy they need.

Ethical Practice: The provider should follow ethical guidelines set by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB) and prioritise your child's wellbeing above all else.

Choosing an ABA therapy provider is a big decision. At SENtre, we meet all these considerations, offering comprehensive, customised and ethically conducted ABA therapy in your child’s nursery, school and home. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to book a call with us.

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ABA Services: What to Expect from SENtre

Embarking on an ABA therapy journey can feel overwhelming, but at SENtre we're by your side throughout. We're devoted to making the process engaging, exciting and effective, prioritising your child's unique needs every step of the way. Here's what to expect when you embark on your ABA journey with SENtre:


Our First Meeting

Our first meeting, which can take place in person or over a video call, is an opportunity for us to understand your unique needs and answer your questions about ABA, in an environment that is comfortable for you. We pride ourselves on our ABA tutors’ dedication to our company vision and to ensuring that every minute of your child’s ABA therapy is effective.

During this meeting, you can expect to:

  • Meet your dedicated, passionate and highly trained ABA tutor.
  • Discuss your child's needs and programme goals.
  • Explore what the SENtre programme might look like for your family.
  • Discuss your child's education, therapy history, strengths and areas for improvement.

The Initial Workshop

Following our initial meeting, we organise a full-day workshop, attended by those who will be directly involved in your child's therapy. This workshop introduces you to the practical applications of ABA, delivered through a programme that breaks down larger tasks into manageable goals.

During the initial workshop, you can expect to:

  • Get a thorough understanding of ABA therapy, its principles, and its practical applications. This knowledge, built over many years of experience, is essential to grasp how the therapy works and how it will benefit your child.
  • Your expert ABA consultant will conduct a detailed assessment of your child's needs, strengths and areas for improvement. This assessment informs the development of a highly individualised therapy plan tailored to your child.
  • We introduce and demonstrate the specific strategies designed for your child, allowing both the tutors and family members to understand and practice these techniques. This hands-on approach prepares everyone involved to effectively support your child's development.

Weekly/Monthly Workshops

Consistency is key in our approach to ABA therapy. After the initial workshop, we conduct regular half-day workshops that align with the needs of your child and the structure of your programme. Our dedicated and hard-working tutors are constantly keeping their knowledge and understanding of ABA up to date with new developments, ensuring your child benefits from the latest strategies.

In these regular workshops, you can expect:

  • A thorough review of the therapy progress, using data collected throughout the sessions.
  • Updates, modifications and the introduction of new strategies as needed.
  • Receipt of detailed written reports summarising the workshop's insights, offering recommendations for further teaching programmes and behaviour management therapies.

At SENtre, we provide more than just ABA therapy, we also offer a range of additional services such as school support, parent training and a variety of activity services to enrich your child's ABA journey. Our approach is designed to make your ABA experience stress-free and enjoyable.

The Benefits of ABA Therapy


At SENtre, our tailored ABA therapy offers a multitude of benefits designed to promote personal growth and development in children with autism and other special educational needs. Here are the key benefits that our ABA therapy can provide:

Enhanced Communication Skills:

ABA therapy at SENtre aids children in expressing their needs and understanding others more effectively, supporting their journey in overcoming communication challenges often associated with autism.

Improved Social Interactions:

Our play-based ABA techniques allow children to learn essential social skills, fostering positive interactions and further enhancing their social aptitude.

Academic Progress:

With a strong focus on learning skills, our ABA services provide targeted strategies that support academic growth, assisting children in reaching their potential within a classroom environment.

Increased Independence:

A cornerstone of SENtre's ABA therapy is promoting self-help skills, nurturing a sense of independence, and fostering confidence in each child, empowering them for everyday life situations.

Reduced Problematic Behaviours:

Through personalised ABA therapy programmes, SENtre works to replace harmful or disruptive behaviours with positive actions, fostering a healthier behavioural pattern conducive to personal development.

Incorporating these benefits into your child's therapy plan, our dedicated ABA tutors in the UK utilise a wealth of experience and passion, ensuring every child receives the highest standard of support and guidance. At SENtre, our goal is to bring about meaningful and positive change in the lives of the children we work with.

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We provide autism behavioural therapy to children with additional needs to help them learn new skills. We can help them speak, get dressed, do schoolwork, use the toilet, and more.

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Parent Training

Our workshops cover practical strategies as well as the therapy of how your child learns. This helps break down tasks, so your child can be more successful and gain confidence.

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School Support

We provide spaces for children who need specialised education or may not be in the appropriate education setting and need help to improve their behaviour before going to school.

Find ABA Therapists Near Me

At SENtre, our ABA tutors are highly trained and passionate professionals who provide one-to-one in-home ABA therapy to children with autism and other special educational needs in homes, schools, and nurseries. They utilise the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis, breaking down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable goals.

Our tutors are not just fully qualified, experienced and thoroughly vetted, but are also imbued with passion and dedication, ensuring every minute of your ABA programme is effective. They have access to extensive training developed over many years.

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    My son has been going to the SENTRE for 3 months now and I can honestly say I’ve seen an improvement in his interaction and learning new skills. Charnel and her team of tutors are very caring and passionate about their work and this is reflected in the progress he has made.

    S Mahmood

    It was a pleasure for my son and I to visit the facility. I like the idea of having different zones with a range of activities. My son is very sensory but doesn’t like getting messy but that was no problem, he still had a wealth of resources he could use. It’s clear that a…

    Deeny H

    Myself and children have visited the centre numerous times. The children have really enjoyed engaging in all activities and sensory play available. The open space allows for them to play freely. The staff are friendly and most importantly patient & attentive. A great safe space for your little ones.

    R Gilbert

    Need more places like this! The centre is Unique with the main focus for Children with SEN needs. Colourful and well equipped. My Son always comes back smiling 😃 Charnel gos above & beyond to meet the needs of the Children and is truly Amazing! Would highly recommend for Childcare or Aba therapy.

    N Bibi

    My 5 year old daughter had an amazing time at SENtre last week. She was able spend the morning with fun filled activities while being looked after by the Team. Charnel and her staff are passionate about children and it shows. Thanks guys we will definitely be back

    L Elliot

    SENtre is definitely what our community needed and is definitely one of its kind. We have attended on quite a few occasions and my children have loved every visit! Would 100% recommend!


    Excellent provision, kids really enjoyed themselves. The venue is beautiful, safe and very well equipped. The CEO Charnel Conway is pretty amazing, so good with the kids. A special place for our special needs kids… Definitely recommend…

    S Syed

    Extremely welcoming centre. Lots of enjoyable things for children. Safe environment. Very caring and professional owner

    A E

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SENtre is committed to supporting your child's development and success through tailored Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy. Whether you're looking for ABA services, an ABA tutor, school support or a comprehensive parent training programme, we're here to guide and assist.

We understand that every child is unique, and our dedicated team is ready to tailor our approach to your child's specific needs. Embarking on an ABA therapy journey can seem daunting, but with SENtre, you're not alone.

We're just a phone call or message away, ready to answer your questions and help you make the best decisions for your child's development. Don't hesitate to reach out and start your ABA journey with SENtre today.

ABA Therapy | Frequently Asked Questions

What is ABA Therapy and how does it work?

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy is a systematic and evidence-based approach to understanding and modifying behaviour in children with autism or other special educational needs. ABA Therapy assesses, collects data and sets goals for these individuals to improve specific behaviours, learn new skills and reduce challenging behaviours with various methods and strategies. ABA Therapy is tailored to each individual and encourages positive reinforcement when they achieve their goals, helping them to continue to develop and perform these newfound skills.

How does ABA Therapy help with your child’s communication?

ABA Therapy helps with children’s communication as it enables them to learn to express their needs and feelings more effectively. One of the most common issues children with autism have is finding it hard to communicate and interact with other people. During ABA Therapy sessions, we encourage ‘learning through play’ and observe and collect data on areas where your child is struggling and implement strategies to help them develop great communication skills.

What qualities should I look for in an ABA therapist?

You should look for qualities such as passion, dedication, patience and knowledge in an ABA therapist. It is also to ensure the therapist has the right qualifications, such as theory and practical training that is in line with RBT targets and modules, as well as being DBS checked. All ABA therapists under SENtre have all these qualities and qualifications, ensuring your child is in the best hands when taking part in this highly beneficial therapy.

How can ABA Therapy help with behaviours that are harmful or destructive?

ABA Therapy aims to replace behaviours that are harmful and destructive with positive actions or positive reinforcement. During ABA Therapy, if the child performs positive behaviour or communicates positively, it will be followed up with some type of reward, whether a toy, access to more play time or verbal, positive reinforcement. The child will continue to use these skills leading to behavioural changes which eventually replace the harmful and destructive ones.

How do ABA methods support children with Autism?

ABA methods are designed to address a wide range of behavioural and developmental challenges that children with autism may face. These methods include reducing problematic behaviours with positive reinforcements for good behaviour, creating individualised strategies that benefit the child’s unique needs, enhancing communication skills and improving social interactions through play-based techniques. Autism comes with a wide range of obstacles children may have to overcome, and comprehensive ABA methods can support children who face these challenges.

Is there parent involvement in ABA Therapy sessions?

Yes, we encourage parent involvement in ABA Therapy sessions. This not only helps strengthen the bond between parent and child but also helps reinforce newly learned behaviours at home. SENtre also offers parent training that covers the ABA Therapy your child goes through, as well as additional support empowering your knowledge on autism and other special needs your child may have.

How effective is ABA Therapy?

ABA Therapy has been around since the 1960s, and over time it has evolved and solidified as a highly effective treatment to help children with some of the difficulties that come with autism and other special educational needs. As autism is a spectrum, no one child will be the same. That’s why ABA Therapy with SENtre is tailored for each child and finds the best methods and strategies for each individual’s needs.

How much does ABA Therapy cost?

Hiring one of SENtre’s professional ABA tutors starts at £18 per hour. For other types of sessions, ABA services, school support or a parent training programme, book a call with us and we’d be happy to inform you of our prices.

When should my child start ABA Therapy?

The decision of when to start ABA Therapy for a child with autism or other special educational needs can vary. However, early intervention is recommended, and it is never too late to begin ABA therapy. Consider your child’s individual needs and developmental stage. You can consult with the professionals at SENtre to discover if your child should start ABA Therapy.

How do I apply for ABA Therapy?

You can apply for ABA Therapy by getting in touch with the team here at SENtre. We are the leading experts in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy and are just a phone call or message away. We aim to get back to you as soon as possible, just let us know if you wish to apply for ABA Therapy, and we’ll do the rest.

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